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At David Borders Construction, better known as Force Dry, we care about you and aim to satisfy you, the customer. Please feel free to browse our site then contact us for whatever your needs may be.

Welcome To Our Services Page

Here you can see the services we offer and view photos of what we have done for customers in the past. As a General Contractor, David Borders has many connections with other contractors to get the job done. This takes the guess work away from the customer. You just sit back and tell us what you want and we take care of the rest. From getting rid of Mold in your house to installing a light fixture. Check out the services below then call us today.


Fire Big or small, we can help. We have ways to clean the smallest jobs of smoke damage or maybe just need contents cleaned, packed and put away for repairs in your home. We can also tear down what's damaged and build new. Whatever the case may be. Give us a call
Flood Sprung a leak? Water line or Mother Nature. It's still a mess and could lead to Mold. If we get to it quick enough we can dry it out before matters get worse. We have the equipment to get the water up and dry it out. Let us do all the work.
Mold Everyone hates mold and for most it can make you ill. If you see mold or suspect you have mold. Call the Mediation experts. We rid the mold, have it tested and hand you a clean bill of health for your home. We promise.
Remodel Need to expand, add or just make a room work for you? Let us hear your ideas or maybe you need some suggestions. Have no way of knowing where to start. Give us a call and we will work together.
Insulation We also take out wet insulation from Belly boards, Smoked insulation from attics and put all new back in. Whatever you need. Just call us today. We are ready to hear from you.